Holden Associates

Holden Associates

A fantastic design with a with a full screen slide show. The website have been created as an advertisement business card website for the client to showcase his services. The website was completed in 4 weeks.

Featues of the site

  • Bespoke Design
  • Banner Graphics

  • Java Side Show
  • Contact Us

  • Page Graphics 
  • Bespoke Design

About The Client


Virtually all private homes now have a plethora of technology products that were unheard of a few years ago but deemed almost essential in year 2012. These technology products including baby monitors sometimes seems ahead of their time but eventually the popular ones evolve to fill gaps created by increasingly sophisticated consumer demand. for example Less than a decade ago reading books was considered to be on the wane so along came e-readers spawning an entirely new audience or avid readers who now dip in and out of books while on the go, on the beach, in the car , well virtually anywhere.

The same advances can be seen with Smart Phones, Tablets, Netbooks, Consoles and of course Baby Monitors where developments are occurring equally fast and radical. It is hard to believe but as recently as 2009 (seem like a lifetime ago?) if you wanted to see your baby your from another room your options were severely limited to some clunky, ugly, featureless analogue monitors that would be beam grainy grey images of your baby to the parent unit complete with interference.